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Creating High impact lashes  since 2012.


At Lashline, communication is our first step. We know that talking about what you want is how you get what you want. Simple right? So we make sure to consult our clients on exactly what they're getting, pricing and aftercare.

At Lashline we use only the best materials. From top of the line tools to best expertise, Heather Pierce has been creating beautiful lashes for 6 years and brows for 21 years. 

We tailor the right look to each client, whether your lashes are light and fine or dark and thick. Whatever you need we can accomplish.

Heather Pierce Lashline lashes

Thicker, lifted lashes can transform your entire face.

Get the rested, wide eyed look even with only four hours of sleep.


We can't wait to design and create your perfect lashes. Check out our services and...

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